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Name (first name, last name, gender)

Identifying information (poss. aliases, function/title, date and

place of birth (d.o.b. & p.o.b.), passport/id number, spouse or

son/daughter of …)

A1a Senior General Than Shwe Chairman, d.o.b. 2.2.1933

A1b Kyaing Kyaing spouse of Senior General Than Shwe

A1c Thandar Shwe daughter of Senior General Than Shwe

A1d Khin Pyone Shwe daughter of Senior General Than Shwe

A1e Aye Aye Thit Shwe daughter of Senior General Than Shwe

A1f Tun Naing Shwe a.k.a. Tun Tun Naing, son of Than Shwe

A1g Khin Thanda spouse of Tun Naing Shwe

A1h Kyaing San Shwe son of Than Shwe

A1i Dr Khin Win Sein spouse of Kyaing San Shwe

A1j Thant Zaw Shwe a.k.a. Maung Maung, son of Than Shwe

A1k Dewar Shwe daughter of Than Shwe

A1l Kyi Kyi Shwe daughter of Than Shwe

A2a Vice-Senior General Maung Aye Vice-Chairman, d.o.b. 25.12.1937

A2b Mya Mya San spouse of Vice-Senior General Maung Aye

A2c Nandar Aye daughter of Vice-Senior General Maung Aye, spouse of

Major Pye Aung (D17d)

A3a General Thura Shwe Mann Chief of Staff, Coordinator of Special Operations (Army, Navy and Air)

A3b Khin Lay Thet spouse of Shwe Mann

A3c Aung Thet Mann son of Gen Thura Shwe Mann, Ayeya Shwe Wa Company

A3d Toe Naing Mann son of Shwe Mann

A3e Zay Zin Latt spouse of Toe Naing Mann, daughter of Khin Shwe

(ref. L1), d.o.b. 24.3.1981

A3f Shwe Mann Ko Ko son of Gen Thura Shwe Mann

A4a Lt-Gen Soe Win Prime Minister since 19.10.2004, born 1946

A4b Than Than Nwe spouse of Lt-Gen Soe Win

A5a Lt-Gen Thein Sein Secretary 1 (since 19.10.2004) & Adjutant General

A5b Khin Khin Win spouse of Lt-Gen Thein Sein

A6a Lt-Gen (Thiha Thura) Tin Aung Myint Oo (Thiha Thura is a title) Quartermaster-General

A6b Khin Saw Hnin spouse of Lt-Gen Thiha Thura Tin Aung Myint Oo

A7a Lt-Gen Kyaw Win Chief of Armed Forces Training

A7b San San Yee spouse of Lt-Gen Kyaw Win

A7c Nyi Nyi Aung son of Lt-Gen Kyaw Win

A7d San Thida Win spouse of Nyi Nyi Aung

A7e Min Nay Kyaw Win son of Lt-Gen Kyaw Win

A7f Dr Phone Myint Htun son of Lt-Gen Kyaw Win

A7g San Sabai Win spouse of Dr Phone Myint Htun

A8a Lt-Gen Tin Aye Chief of Military Ordnance, Chairman UMEH

A8b Kyi Kyi Ohn spouse of Lt-Gen Tin Aye

A9a Lt-Gen Ye Myint Chief of Bureau of Special Operations 1 (Kachin, Chin, Sagaing, Magwe, Mandalay)

A9b Tin Lin Myint spouse of Lt-Gen Ye Myint, d.o.b. 25.1.1947

A9c Theingi Ye Myint daughter of Lt-Gen Ye Myint

A9d Aung Zaw Ye Myint son of Lt-Gen Ye Myint, Yetagun Construction Co.

A9e Kay Khaing Ye Myint daughter of Lt-Gen Ye Myint

A10a Lt-Gen Aung Htwe Chief of Bureau of Special Operations 2 (Kayah, Shan)

A10b Khin Hnin Wai spouse of Lt-Gen Aung Htwe

A11a Lt-Gen Khin Maung Than Chief of Bureau of Special Operations 3 (Pegu,

Rangoon, Irrawaddy, Arakan)

A11b Marlar Tint spouse of Lt-Gen Khin Maung Than

A12a Lt-Gen Maung Bo Chief of Bureau of Special Operations 4 (Karen, Mon,


A12b Khin Lay Myint spouse of Lt-Gen Maung Bo


Name Identifying information (inc. Command)

B1a Maj-Gen Myint Swe Rangoon (and Chief of Military Affairs Security)

B1b Khin Thet Htay spouse of Maj-Gen Myint Swe

B2a Maj-Gen Ye Myint Central-Mandalay Division

B2b Myat Ngwe spouse of Maj-Gen Ye Myint

B3a Maj-Gen Thar Aye a.k.a. Tha Aye, North Western-Sagaing Division

B3b Wai Wai Khaing a.k.a. Wei Wei Khaing, spouse of Maj-Gen Thar Aye

B4a Maj-Gen Maung Maung Swe North-Kachin State

B4b Tin Tin New spouse of Maj-Gen Maung Maung Swe

B4c Ei Thet Thet Swe daughter of Maj-Gen Maung Maung Swe

B4d Kaung Kyaw Swe son of Maj-Gen Maung Maung Swe

B5a Maj-Gen Myint Hlaing North Eastern-Shan State (North)

B5b Khin Thant Sin a.k.a. Khin Thant Zin, spouse of Maj-Gen Myint Hlaing

B6a Maj-Gen Khin Zaw Triangle-Shan State (East)

B6b Khin Pyone Win spouse of Maj-Gen Khin Zaw

B6c Kyi Tha Khin Zaw son of Maj-Gen Khin Zaw

B6d Su Khin Zaw daughter of Maj-Gen Khin Zaw

B7a Maj-Gen Khin Maung Myint Eastern-Shan State (South)

B7b Win Win Nu spouse of Maj-Gen Khin Maung Myint

B8a Maj-Gen Thura Myint Aung South Eastern-Mon State

B8b Than Than New spouse of Maj-Gen Thura Myint Aung

B9a Maj-Gen Ohn Myint Coastal-Tenasserim Division

B9b Nu Nu Swe spouse of Maj-Gen Ohn Myint

B10a Maj-Gen Ko Ko South-Pegu Division

B10b Sao Nwan Khun Sum spouse of Maj-Gen Ko Ko

B11a Maj-Gen Soe Naing South Western-Irrawaddy Division

B11b Tin Tin Latt spouse of Maj-Gen Soe Naing

B12a Brig Gen Min Aung Hlaing Western-Arakan State


Name Identifying information (inc. Command)

C1a Brig-Gen Wai Lwin Yangon

C1b Swe Swe Oo spouse of Brig-Gen Wai Lwin

C1c Wai Phyo son of Brig-Gen Wai Lwin

C1d Lwin Yamin daughter of Brig-Gen Wai Lwin

C2a Brig-Gen Nay Win Central

C2b Nan Aye Mya spouse of Brig-Gen Nay Win

C3a Brig-Gen Tin Maung Ohn North-Western

C4a Brig-Gen San Tun Northern

C4b Tin Sein spouse of Brig-Gen San Tun

C5a Brig-Gen Hla Myint North-Eastern

C5b Su Su Hlaing spouse of Brig-Gen Hla Myint

C7a Brig Gen. Win Myint Eastern

C8a Brig-Gen Myo Hla South-Eastern

C8b Khin Hnin Aye spouse of Brig-Gen Myo Hla

C9a Brig-Gen Hone Ngaing a.k.a. Hon Ngai, Coastal

C10a Brig-Gen Thura Maung Ni Southern

C10b Nan Myint Sein spouse of Brig-Gen Thura Maung Ni

C11a Brig-Gen Tint Swe South-Western

C11b Khin Thaung spouse of Brig-Gen Tint Swe

C11c Ye Min a.k.a. Ye Kyaw Swar Swe, son of Brig-Gen Tint Swe

C11d Su Mon Swe spouse of Ye Min

C12a Brig Gen Tin Hlaing Western


Name Identifying information (inc. Ministry)

D1a Than Shwe PM’s Office

D1b Yin Yin Mya spouse of U Than Shwe

D2a Brig-Gen Pyi Sone PM’s Office since 18.9.2004 (previously Commerce)

D2b Aye Pyay Wai Khin spouse of Brig-Gen Pyi Sone

D2c Kalyar Pyay Wai Shan daughter of Brig-Gen Pyi Sone, husband (deceased)

Major Kyaw San Win

D2d Pan Thara Pyay Shan daughter of Brig-Gen Pyi Sone

D3a Maj-Gen Htay Oo Agriculture and Irrigation since 18.9.2004 (previously

Cooperatives since 25.8.2003)

D3b Ni Ni Win spouse of Maj-Gen Htay Oo

D4a Brig-Gen Tin Naing Thein Commerce (since 18.9.2004), previously Dep Minister

of Forestry

D4b Aye Aye spouse of Brig-Gen Tin Naing Thein

D5a Maj-Gen Saw Tun Construction, d.o.b. 8.5.1935

D5b Myint Myint Ko spouse of Maj-Gen Saw Tun, d.o.b. 11.1.1945

D5c Me Me Tun daughter of Maj-Gen Saw Tun, d.o.b. 26.10.1967

Passport 415194

D5d Maung Maung Lwin spouse of Me Me Tun, d.o.b. 2.1.1969

D6a Col Zaw Min Cooperatives since 18.9.2004, previously Chairman

Magwe PDC

D6b Khin Mi Mi wife of Col Zaw Min

D7a Maj-Gen Kyi Aung Culture

D7b Khin Khin Lay spouse of Maj-Gen Kyi Aung

D8a Than Aung Education

D8b Win Shwe spouse of U Than Aung

D9a Maj-Gen Tin Htut Electric Power

D9b Tin Tin Nyunt spouse of Maj-Gen Tin Htut

D10a Brig-Gen Lun Thi Energy

D10b Khin Mar Aye spouse of Brig-Gen Lun Thi

D10c Mya Sein Aye daughter of Brig-Gen Lun Thi

D10d Zin Maung Lun son of Brig-Gen Lun Thi

D10e Zar Chi Ko spouse of Zin Maung Lun

D11a Maj-Gen Hla Tun Finance & Revenue

D11b Khin Than Win spouse of Maj-Gen Hla Tun

D12a U Nyan Win Foreign Affairs since 18.9.2004, formerly Deputy Chief of Armed Forces Training, d.o.b. 22.1.1953

D12b Myint Myint Soe spouse of U Nyan Win

D13a Brig-Gen Thein Aung Forestry

D13b Khin Htay Myint spouse of Brig-Gen Thein Aung

D14a Prof. Dr. Kyaw Myint Health

D14b Nilar Thaw spouse of Prof. Dr. Kyaw Myint

D15a Maj-Gen Maung Oo Home Affairs

D15b Nyunt Nyunt Oo spouse of Maj-Gen Maung Oo

D16a Maj-Gen Sein Htwa Ministry of Immigration & Population, as well as Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief & Resettlement

D16b Khin Aye spouse of Maj-Gen Sein Htwa

D17a Aung Thaung Industry 1

D17b Khin Khin Yi spouse of U Aung Thaung

D17c Captain Nay Aung son of U Aung Thaung

D17d Major Pyi Aung a.k.a. Pye Aung, son of U Aung Thaung (married to


D17e Major Moe Aung son of U Aung Thaung

D17f Dr. Thu Nandi Aung daughter of Aung Thaung

D18a Maj-Gen Saw Lwin Industry 2

D18b Moe Moe Myint spouse of Maj-Gen Saw Lwin

D19a Brig-Gen Kyaw Hsan Information

D19b Kyi Kyi Win spouse of Brig-Gen Kyaw Hsan

D20a Brig-Gen Maung Maung Thein Livestock & Fisheries

D20b Myint Myint Aye spouse of Brig-Gen Maung Maung Thein

D20c Min Thein son of Brig-Gen Maung Maung Thein

D21a Brig-Gen Ohn Myint Mines

D21b San San spouse of Brig-Gen Ohn Myint

D21c Thet Naing Oo son of Brig-Gen Ohn Myint

D21d Min Thet Oo son of Brig-Gen Ohn Myint

D22a Soe Tha National Planning & Economic Development

D22b Kyu Kyu Win spouse of U Soe Tha

D22c Kyaw Myat Soe son of U Soe Tha

D22d Wei Wei Lay spouse of Kyaw Myat Soe

D23a Col Thein Nyunt Progress of Border Areas & National Races & Development Affairs

D23b Kyin Khaing spouse of Col Thein Nyunt

D24a Maj-Gen Aung Min Rail Transportation

D24b Wai Wai Thar spouse of Maj-Gen Aung Min

D25a Brig-Gen Thura Myint Maung Religious Affairs

D25b Aung Kyaw Soe son of Brig-Gen Thura Myint Maung

D25c Su Su Sandi spouse of Aung Kyaw Soe

D25d Zin Myint Maung daughter of Brig-Gen Thura Myint Maung

D26a (U) Thaung Science & Technology Concurrently Labour (since 5.11.2004)

D26b May Kyi Sein spouse of U Thaung

D27a Brig-Gen Thura Aye Myint Sports

D27b Aye Aye spouse of Brig-Gen Thura Aye Myint

D27c Nay Linn son of Brig-Gen Thura Aye Myint

D28a Brig-Gen Thein Zaw Minister of Telecommunications, Post & Telegraphs and Minister of Hotels & Tourism

D28b Mu Mu Win spouse of Brig-Gen Thein Zaw

D29a Maj-Gen Thein Swe Transport, since 18.9.2004 (previously PM’s Office since 25.8.2003)

D29b Mya Theingi spouse of Maj-Gen Thein Swe


Name Identifying information (inc. Ministry)

E1a Ohn Myint Agriculture & Irrigation

E1b Thet War spouse of U Ohn Myint

E2a Brig-Gen Aung Tun Commerce

E3a Brig-Gen Myint Thein Construction

E3b Mya Than spouse of Brig-Gen Myint Thein

E4a Brig-Gen Soe Win Maung Culture

E4b Myint Myint Wai spouse of Brig-Gen Soe Win Maung

E5a Brig-Gen Khin Maung Win Defence

E6a Maj-Gen Aung Hlaing Defence (since 23.8.2003)

E6b Soe San son of Maj-Gen Aung Hlaing

E7a Myo Nyunt Education

E7b Marlar Thein wife of Myo Nyunt

E8a Brig-Gen Aung Myo Min Education

E8b Thazin New wife of Brig-Gen Aung Myo Min

E9a Myo Myint Electric Power

E9b Tin Tin Myint spouse of Myo Myint

E10a Brig-Gen Than Htay Energy (since 25.8.2003)

E10b Soe Wut Yi wife of Brig-Gen Than Htay

E11a Col Hla Thein Swe Finance & Revenue

E11b Thida Win wife of Col Hla Thein Swe

E12a Kyaw Thu Foreign Affairs; d.o.b. 15.8.1949

E12b Lei Lei Kyi spouse of U Kyaw Thu

E13a Maung Myint Foreign Affairs w.e.f. 18.9.04

E14a Prof. Dr. Mya Oo Health, d.o.b. 25.1.1940

E14b Tin Tin Mya spouse of Prof. Dr. Mya Oo

E14c Dr. Tun Tun Oo son of Prof. Dr. Mya Oo, d.o.b. 26.7.1965

E14d Dr. Mya Thuzar daughter of Prof. Dr. Mya Oo, d.o.b. 23.9.1971

E14e Mya Thidar daughter of Prof. Dr. Mya Oo, d.o.b. 10.6.1973

E14f Mya Nandar daughter of Prof. Dr. Mya Oo, d.o.b. 29.5.1976

E15a Brig-Gen Phone Swe Home Affairs (since 25.8.2003)

E15b San San Wai wife of Brig-Gen Phone Swe

E16a Brig-Gen Aye Myint Kyu Hotels & Tourism

E16b Khin Swe Myint spouse of Brig-Gen Aye Myint Kyu

E17a Maung Aung Immigration & Population

E17b Hmwe Hmwe wife of Maung Aung

E18a Brig-Gen Thein Tun Industry 1

E19a Lt-Col Khin Maung Kyaw Industry 2

E19b Mi Mi Wai spouse of Lt-Col Khin Maung Kyaw

E20a Brig-Gen Aung Thein Information

E20b Tin Tin New spouse of Brig-Gen Aung Thein

E21a Thein Sein Information, USDA CEC member

E21b Khin Khin Wai spouse of U Thein Sein

E21c Thein Aung Thaw son of U Thein Sein

E21d Su Su Cho spouse of Thein Aung Thaw

E22a Brig-Gen Win Sein Labour

E22b Wai Wai Linn spouse of Brig-Gen Win Sein

E23a Myint Thein Mines

E23b Khin May San spouse of U Myint Thein

E24a Col Tin Ngwe Progress of Border Areas & National Races & Development Affairs

E24b Khin Mya Chit wife of Col Tin Ngwe

E25a Brig-Gen Than Tun Progress of Border Areas & National Races & Development Affairs

E25b May Than Tun daughter of Brig-Gen Than Tun, d.o.b. 25.6.1970

E25c Ye Htun Myat spouse of May Than Tun

E26a (Thura U) Thaung Lwin (Thura is a title), Rail Transportation

E26b Dr. Yi Yi Htwe spouse of Thura U Thaung Lwin

E27a Brig-Gen (Thura) Aung Ko (Thura is a title), Religious Affairs, USDA CEC member

E27b Myint Myint Yee a.k.a. Yi Yi Myint, spouse of Brig-Gen Thura Aung Ko

E28a Kyaw Soe Science and Technology

E29a Dr. Chan Nyein Science & Technology

E29b Sandar Aung spouse of Dr. Chan Nyein

E30a Brig-Gen Kyaw Myint Social Welfare, Relief & Resettlement

E30b Khin Nwe Nwe spouse of Brig-Gen Kyaw Myint

E31a Pe Than Both Min. of Transport and Min. of Rail Transportation

E31b Cho Cho Tun spouse of U Pe Than

E32a Col Nyan Tun Aung Transport


Name Identifying information (inc. post held)

F1a Capt. (Retd.) Htay Aung Director General at Hotels & Tourism Directorate

(Managing Director, Myanmar Hotels and Tourism

Services until August 2004)

F2 Tin Maung Shwe Deputy Director General, Hotels and Tourism Directorate

F3 Soe Thein Managing Director, Myanma Hotels and Tourism Services since October 2004 (previously General Manager)

F4 Khin Maung Soe General Manager

F5 Tint Swe General Manager

F6 Lt-Col Yan Naing General Manager, Ministry of Hotels & Tourism

F7 Nyunt Nyunt Than Director for Tourism Promotion, Ministry of Hotels & Tourism (female)


(Brigadier-General and above)

Name Identifying information (inc. function)

G1a Maj-Gen Hla Shwe Deputy Adjutant General

G3a Maj-Gen Soe Maung Judge Advocate General

G4a Brig-Gen Thein Htaik a.k.a. Hteik, Inspector General

G5a Maj-Gen Saw Hla Provost Marshal

G6a Maj Gen Khin Maung Tun Vice Quarter Master General

G7a Maj-Gen Lun Maung Auditor General

G8a Maj-Gen Nay Win Military Assistant to the SPDC Chairman

G9a Maj-Gen Hsan Hsint Military Appointments General, d.o.b. 1951

G9b Khin Ma Lay spouse of Maj-Gen Hsan Hsint

G9c Okkar San Sint son of Maj-Gen Hsan Hsint

G10a Maj-Gen Hla Aung Thein Camp Commandant, Rangoon

G10b Amy Khaing spouse of Hla Aung Thein

G11a Maj-Gen Win Myint Deputy Chief of Armed Forces Training

G12a Maj-Gen Aung Kyi Deputy Chief of Armed Forces Training

G12b Thet Thet Swe spouse of Maj-Gen Aung Kyi

G13a Maj-Gen Moe Hein Commandant, National Defence College

G14a Maj-Gen Khin Aung Myint Director of Public Relations & Psychological Warfare, Board Member UMEHL

G15a Maj Gen Thein Tun Director of Signals; member of National Convention Convening Management Committee

G16a Maj-Gen Than Htay Director of Supply & Transport

G17a Maj-Gen Khin Maung Tint Director of Security Printing Works

G18a Maj Gen Sein Lin Director, MOD (Precise job not known. Formerly Director Ordnance)

G19a Maj-Gen Kyi Win Director of Artillery & Armour, Board member UMEHL

G20a Maj-Gen Tin Tun Director, Military Engineers

G21a Maj-Gen Aung Thein Director, Resettlement

G22a Maj-Gen Aye Myint MOD

G23a Brig-Gen Myo Myint Commandant Defence Services Records Office

G24a Brig-Gen Than Maung Deputy Commandant of National Defence College G25a Brig-Gen Win Myint Rector DSTA

G26a Brig-Gen Than Sein Commandant, Defence Services Hospital, Mingaladon, d.o.b. 1.2.1946, Bago

G26b Rosy Mya Than spouse of Brig-Gen Than Sein

G28a Brig-Gen Than Maung Director of Peoples’ Militia & Frontier Forces

G29a Brig-Gen Khin Naing Win Director, Defence Industries

G30a Brig-Gen Zaw Win Commandant of Bahtoo Station (Shan State) and Principle of Combat Training School of Defence Services (Army)


G31a Vice-Admiral Soe Thein Commander-in-Chief (Navy)

G31b Khin Aye Kyin spouse of Rear Admiral Soe Thein

G31c Yimon Aye daughter of Rear Admiral Soe Thein, d.o.b. 12.7.1980

G31d Aye Chan son of Rear Admiral Soe Thein, d.o.b. 23.9.1973

G31e Thida Aye daughter of Rear Admiral Soe Thein, d.o.b. 23.3.1979

G32a Commodore Nyan Tun Chief of Staff (Navy), Board member UMEHL Air Force

G33a Lt-Gen Myat Hein Commander-in-Chief (Air)

G33b Htwe Htwe Nyunt spouse of Lt-Gen Myat Hein

G34a Brig-Gen Ye Chit Pe Staff of C in C Air, Mingaladon

G35a Brig-Gen Khin Maung Tin Commandant of Shande Air Training School, Meiktila

G36a Brig-Gen Zin Yaw Chief of Staff (Air), Member of UMEHL Board

Light Infantry Divisions (LID)

G37a Brig-Gen Hla Htay Win 11 LID Yemon

G39a Brig-Gen Tin Tun Aung 33 LID, Sagaing

G41a Brig-Gen Thet Oo 55 LID, Kalaw/Aungban

G42a Brig-Gen Khin Zaw Oo 66 LID, Pyay/Inma

G43a Brig-Gen Than Htay 77 LID, Bago

G44a Brig-Gen Aung Than Htut 88 LID, Magwe

Other Brigadier-Generals

G47a Brig-Gen Htein Win, Taikkyi Station

G48a Brig-Gen Khin Maung Aye, Meiktila Station Comander

G49a Brig-Gen Khin Maung Aye ROC-Kale, Sagaing Division

G50a Brig-Gen Khin Zaw Win, Khamaukgyi station

G51a Brig-Gen Kyaw Aung Southern MR, Toungoo Station Commander

G52a Brig-Gen Kyaw Aung MOC-8, Dawei/Tavoy Station

G53a Brig-Gen Kyaw Oo Lwin ROC Tanai

G54a Brig-Gen Kyaw Thu, Phugyi Station

G55a Brig-Gen Maung Maung Shei,n Kawkareik

G56a Brig-Gen Min Thein MOC-3, Mogaung Station,

G57a Brig-Gen Mya Win MOC-10, Kyigone Station

G58a Brig-Gen Mya Win Kalaw

G59a Brig-Gen Myo Lwin MOC-7, Pekon Station

G60a Brig-Gen Myint Soe MOC-5, Taungup Station

G61a Brig-Gen Myint Aye MOC-9, Kyauktaw Station

G62a Brig-Gen Nyunt Hlaing MOC-17, Mong Pan Station

G63a Brig-Gen Ohn Myint, Mon State USDA CEC member

G64a Brig-Gen Soe New MOC-21 Bhamo Station

G65a Brig-Gen Soe Oo MOC-16, Hsenwi Station

G66a Brig-Gen Than Tun, Kyaukpadaung Station

G67a Brig-Gen Than Win ROC-Laukkai

G68a Brig-Gen Than Tun Aung ROC-Sittwe

G69a Brig-Gen Thaung Aye, Mongnaung Station

G70a Brig-Gen Thaung Htaik, Aungban station

G71a Brig-Gen Thein Hteik MOC-13, Bokpyin Station

G72a Brig-Gen Thura Myint Thein, Namhsan TOC

G72a Brig-Gen Win Aung, Mong Hsat

G73a Brig-Gen Myo Tint, Officer on Special Duty, Ministry of Transport

G74a Brig-Gen Thura Sein Thaung, Officer on Special Duty, Ministry for Social Welfare

G75a Brig-Gen Phone Zaw Han, Mayor of Mandalay since Feb 2005, formerly commander of Kyaukme

G76a Brig Gen Hla Min, Pegu West Division PDC, Chairman

G77a Brig-Gen Win Myint, Pyinmana Station


Name Identifying information (inc. function)

H1a Maj-Gen Khin Yi DG, Myanmar Police Force

H1b Khin May Soe spouse of Maj-Gen Khin Yi

H2a Police Brig-Gen Zaw Win Director General of the Prisons Dept. (Ministry of Home Affairs) since August 2004, previously Deputy DG Myanmar Police Force. Former military.


senior USDA office-holders who have not been included elsewhere)

Name Identifying information (inc. function)

I1a Brig-Gen Aung Thein Lin Mayor & Chairman of the Yangon City Development Committee (Secretary)

I1b Khin San New spouse of Brig-Gen Aung Thein Lin

I1c Thidar Myo daughter of Brig-Gen Aung Thein Lin

I2a Col Maung Par Vice Mayor of YCDC (CEC Member)

I2b Khin Nyunt Myaing spouse of Col Maung Par

I2c Naing Win Par son of Col Maung Par


Name Identifying information (inc. company)

J1a Tay Za Managing Director, Htoo Trading Co., d.o.b. 18.7.1964; Passport 306869 ID card MYGN006415. Father U Myint Swe (6.11.1924) MotherDaw Ohn (12.8.1934)

J1b Thidar Zaw spouse of U Tay Za, d.o.b. 24.2.1964, ID card KMYT006865 Passport 275107. Parents U Zaw Nyunt(dec’d), Daw Htoo (dec’d)

J1c Pye Phyo Tay Za son of Tay Za (J1a); d.o.b. 29.1.1987

J2a Thiha, Brother of Tay Za (J1a), d.o.b. 24.6.1960 Director Htoo Trading. Distributor of London cigarettes (Myawadi Trading)

J3a Aung Ko Win a.k.a. Saya Kyaung, Kanbawza Bank

J3b Nan Than Htwe spouse of U Aung Ko Win

J4a Tun Myint Naing a.k.a. Steven Law, Asia World Co.

J4b (Ng) Seng Hong spouse of U Tun Myint Naing

J5a Khin Shwe Zaykabar Co., d.o.b. 21.1.1952. See also A22, A23

J5b San San Kywe spouse of U Khin Shwe

J5c Zay Thiha son of U Khin Shwe; d.o.b. 1.1.1977

J6a Htay Myint Yuzana Co., d.o.b. 6.2.1955

J6b Aye Aye Maw spouse of U Htay Myint, d.o.b. 17.11.1957

J6c Zar Chi Htay daughter of U Htay Myint, d.o.b. 17.2.1981

J7a Kyaw Win Shwe Thanlwin Trading Co.

J7b Nan Mauk Loung Sai a.k.a. Nang Mauk Lao Hsai, wife of Kyaw Win

J8a Ko Lay Minister at the PM’s Office until Feb 2004, Mayor of Rangoon until August 2003

J8b Khin Khin spouse of U Ko Lay

J8c San Min (San Win) son of U Ko Lay

J8d Than Han son of U Ko Lay

J8e Khin Thida daughter of U Ko Lay

J8f Zaw Htun Oo spouse of Khin Thida, son of late Sec 2 Lt-Gen Tin Oo

J9a Aung Phone Former Minister for Forestry; d.o.b. 20.11.1939, Rtd July 2003

J9b Khin Sitt Aye spouse of U Aung Phone, d.o.b. 14.9.1943

J9c Sitt Thwe Aung a.k.a. Sit Thway Aung, son of U Aung Phone, d.o.b.10.7.1977

J9d Thin Zar Tun spouse of Sitt Thwe Aung, d.o.b. 14.4.1978

J9e Sitt Thaing Aung a.k.a. Sit Taing Aung, son of U Aung Phone, d.o.b.13.11.1971

J10a Maj-Gen Nyunt Tin Former Minister of Agriculture & Irrigation Rtd September 2004

J10b Khin Myo Oo spouse of Maj-Gen Nyunt Tin

J10c Kyaw Myo Nyunt son of Maj-Gen Nyunt Tin

J10d Thu Thu Ei Han daughter of Maj-Gen Nyunt Tin

J11a Khin Maung Thein Former Minister for Finance & Revenue Rtd 1.2.2003

J11b Su Su Thein spouse of U Khin Maung Thein

J11c Daywar Thein son of U Khin Maung Thein, d.o.b. 25.12.1960

J11d Thawdar Thein daughter of U Khin Maung Thein, d.o.b. 6.3.1958

J11e Maung Maung Thein son of U Khin Maung Thein, d.o.b. 23.10.1963

J11f Khin Yadana Thein daughter of U Khin Maung Thein, d.o.b. 6.5.1968

J11g Marlar Thein daughter of U Khin Maung Thein, d.o.b. 25.2.1965

J11h Hnwe Thida Thein daughter of U Khin Maung Thein, d.o.b. 28.7.1966


Name Identifying information (inc. company)

K1a Maj-Gen (Retd) Win Hlaing MD, Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings

K1b Ma Ngeh daughter of Maj-Gen (Retd) Win Hlaing

K1c Zaw Win Naing Managing Director of Kambawza Bank. Husband of Ma Ngeh (K1b), and nephew of Aung Ko Win (J3b)

K1d Win Htway Hlaing son of Maj-Gen (Retd) Win Hlaing, representative for KESCO company

K2 Col Ye Htut Myanmar Economic Corporation

K3 Col Myint Aung MD at Myawaddy Trading Co.

K4 Col Myo Myint MD Bandoola Transportation Co.

K5 Col (Retd) Thant Zin MD at Myanmar Land and Development

K6 Lt-Col (Retd) Maung Maung Aye UMEHL, Chairman Myanmar Breweries

K7 Col Aung San MD at Hsinmin Cement Plant Construction Project


L1a (Retd) General Khin Nyunt Former Prime Minister (Aug 3-October 2004), d.o.b.11.10.1939

L1b Dr. Khin Win Shwe wife of Khin Nyunt, d.o.b. 6.10.1940

L1c Dr. Ye Naing Win son of Khin Nyunt

L1d Thin Le Le Win daughter of Khin Nyunt

L1e Zaw Naing Oo son of Khin Nyunt’